Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why would you say that, Emma?

My husband thinks I am a little crazy when it comes to shopping. You will either find me, depending on what kind of mood Im in, at a thrift store Or in (one of my mall favorites)
Ann Taylor. There are days I want to go to a Goodwill and spend an hour sifting through other peoples clothes and happily pay $12.00 for five "nearly new" outfits and other days I want to go to the mall and spend $300.00 on a new suit.

Last weekend we hit the mall to get the girls some new fall clothes. As we passed my dear friend "Ann" husband gave me the "we've already spent too much money today" look. I smiled sweetly, ignoring his expression and grabbed by four year old by the hand and went on in. I instantly saw some darling jeans (that happened to be on sale!) and we were headed to the dressing room.

Don't you hate it when you head towards the dressing room and there are 8 ladies in front of you with their arms full of clothing and you want someone to say, "oh, you just have one pair of jeans to try can go ahead of me and my five outfits..." but that never happens.

My fidgeting side kick and I finally get to our room. As I quickly (I know my husband is checking his watch) get undressed, out of nowhere~this loud Booming voice says...

"Mommy, why don't you have any panties on?"

Now, I don't know what in the world possessed her to say that~because I did!!
I tried to cover up by saying "Why would you say that Emma?"
I have never been so embarassed to walk out of the dressing room with all these ladies in line looking at me like "ewwww....she better buy those jeans......"

The Witch Doctor

Many things can trigger an emotional response. It has been my experience that the one thing that can bring down the house is music. Of course you have your traditional favorites (I can almost sing them to you by heart, off key...) "Amazing Grace", "The Old Rugged Cross", "In the Garden" and oh, lets not forget...."Prop me up beside the jukebox if I die". Yes, I have actually witnessed this song in Oklahoma we have many a cowboy...

A few other interesting choices families have played are:
Friends In Low Places (Garth Brooks)
All My Exes Live In Texas (and this person WAS married four times)
Highway to Hell (ACDC) Yes~I couldnt believe it either
The Witch Doctor

The Witch Doctor will forever be a special one to me because something really odd happened.
I was the director who helped the family plan a memorial service for *Joe*. Very sad situation, motorcyle accident, in his 60's. As I met with his wife she told me his favorite song was "The Witch Doctor". Since my "generation" is summed up with the 80's I wasnt immediately familiar with the song but his sons helped me out with a duet of "oo E oo ah ah, bing bang, walla walla bing bang" I havent heard that song in years! We cleared it with the minister (it was one of his favs too...) and it was to be played for the final song of the memorial service, which was Monday morning 10am.

Monday's are my days off and I typically hang around the house with my two girls. That Monday morning of the memorial service I was in my four year olds room, picking up a few barbies and getting some coloring books out. The thought crossed my mind~"I hope that memorial service is going okay today....." As I hollered at my daughter to come into her room I picked up the t.v. remote and flipped it on. All at once I had a eerie rush of emotion. There, playing on the Disney Video channel (which I didnt even know we had that channel) was

"The Witch Doctor"

The time was 10:25 am~the same time the guys said they played it at the church.