Monday, June 11, 2007 I come!

With sadness and a twinge of guilt I have to return to work tomorrow after enjoying many weeks of being home with my sweet newborn. I do have to admit (and this may be the cause of my twinge) I am looking forward to some adult interaction again!

Those of you who stay at home I have a new found respect for you. It is not all about watching Dr. Phil and Oprah (although I did manage to squeeze them in most days)!! Many days were filled with trying to help my three year old adjust to not being the only princess in the house. She would climb on the furniture, chase the cat, spill her drink and stick her tongue out at me when I attempted to carry her to time out. We also had the "pinching" episode in which she swore that the cat pinched baby Kate.

So I will say hello to the snooze button again, squeeze into my suits and slip on the panty hose and high heels. (sigh...)


vivian said...

that darn cat!

Anonymous said...